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Now that your injury has healed and you are back doing what you love, what do you do? How can you stay healthy and reduce your risk of another injury? How do you get stronger, faster, better? Your fitness journey doesn't end here at Redemption Physical Therapy! That is what "Rips and Reps Fitness" is for. Rips and Reps by Redemption Physical Therapy is an online fitness forum that focuses on strength programing, mobility programing, injury prevention, and getting you to that next level in whatever sport or hobby you love.

Need work on your ankle mobility? Check out Rips and Reps! 

Want a program to get you your first strict handstand push up? Check out Rips and Reps!

Want to get faster and stronger? Check out Rips and Reps!

Need a coach's eye for a specific movement or lift? Rips and Reps does online coaching too!


rips & reps fitness

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