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"Working with Marissa was very time and money saving for me. Her sessions are more focused on the actual physical therapy and working with the issues. Other Dr's would do 15 mins of work then ice and machines.  I’ve tried over 20 therapist prior to coming to her; and she didn’t have a stock protocol, she listened and asked lots of questions and catered exactly to my needs, and pain. When I had first visited with Marissa I had been with another Dr for several weeks, 2-3 times weekly. Marissa was able to get me more pain relief and added mobility that lasted much longer in just one session. Her understanding of movement and experience in training very hard herself seems to bring a value that others lacked in my experience. Highly recommend Marissa!"

-Todd G, Media, PA 

“Marissa treated me for 6 months following an on-duty injury. As a police officer in a busy area as well as an extremely average recreational CrossFit-er, it was important for me to not only recover from my injuries, but also do so quickly. This was complicated by the fact that I injured my knee and broke my hand at the same time, forcing her to improvise many of the standard post-injury rehabilitation techniques. In addition to my traditional physical therapy routine, Marissa incorporated Crossfit and strength training into my recovery plan. Marissa’s knowledge and individual attention allowed me to return to work, and I did so stronger than I was before my injury.”

-Josh K, Newtown Square, PA

"I’ve had serious shoulder pain and range of motion issues for the last 3 years. Iv’e tried everything to fix it and I was convinced I could figure it out on my own or it was broken. Finally I decided to bring in an expert. This week I had my second appointment with Redemption PT and it is so amazing how much better I feel. I am basically pain free again. The pain was affecting my lifts, my pullups, my bench/pushups. It was causing me pain after sleep and aching throughout the day and now after all this time I finally have relief. I feel rebuilt and I’m excited to train again. Working with Redemption PT was easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made towards my health and fitness. I cannot stress enough how much of an asset this is to our box. Seriously, don’t deal with physical limitations and pain and don’t work with anything but the best! Thank you Marissa!!"

-Dakota C, Media, PA

"My homie Marissa is amazing!! She has done incredible work to get rid of my neck and shoulder pain which is finally letting me progress with my Olympic lifting and battle through my physical working career as a linesman. With all these nagging pains gone it is allowing me to get away from all the bad habits I’ve developed compensating from these ailments. She is helping me work smarter so I can work harder in my future training and career. RedemptionPT is the place to be if you want to progress in your fitness or daily life activities. Marissa is a physical therapist who knows about pain. She has done it and seen it for a long time. She fit's in her personal training to be a consistent high level athlete as well as put more work into her career. I’ve known her for awhile and she continues to amaze me in all aspect of her life. Her work ethic is relentless and really cares about the treatment she gives to all her patients. She is the Physical Therapist you want to go to if you want to progress with any physical ailments. You better be ready to work though!!! Redeem your life and allow her to make you stronger."

-Jim H, Media, PA

"Very professional, truly works hard to find the causes of pain & dysfunction. Marissa does not only relieve pain for that day but provides clear, easy to follow instructions for exercises that can be done at home to provide lasting relief and restore proper healthy function. Since going to her I have felt significantly better and feel far less pain while remaining fully active and able to do all of the activities that I enjoy."

-Jake M, Tampa, FL 

"Very thorough and helped me get out of pain with one treatment. The exercises given have been super helpful too! Highly recommend."

-Ashlee K, Tampa, FL

"So happy to have met with a doctor who LISTENS to what is important to the patient! Thanks Dr Marissa!"

-Brea C, Tampa, FL

"Very knowledgeable and professional! Feeling confident in my recovery plan."

-Danielle A, Tampa, FL 

"Friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you very much!"

-Brandon C, Tampa, FL

"Amazing and enlightening as always!!!"

-Kendra L, Tampa, FL

"Marissa really knows what she is talking about. She truly gets to know you and wants to know what you're experiencing with you body: the pain, type of pain, what you do that causes your pain, any accidents that may have caused your issues. She truly enjoys her job, but she doesn't see this as her job. She sees it as caring about her clients and helping them get better. I've been coming to her for almost 6 months and I can honestly say she has helped me more in 6 months than I have had in 6 years. I recommend coming to her if you want someone who cares and truly wants to help you."

-Danielle P, Tampa, FL

"Thank you so much! So informative, thorough assessment. Detailed instructions and physical rehab."

-Meghan D, Tampa, FL

"Dr. Oxenford is fantastic! Dr. Oxenford always helps me with recovery to be able to perform in the gym at an optimal level. I highly recommend booking an appointment to optimize your mobility for performance in the gym or for everyday functions."

-Anthony F, Tampa, FL

"Absolutely Amazing! Went in to my appointment in a high amount of discomfort, by the end of the day I felt like new!"

-Mary M, Tampa, FL 

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