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Weak posterior chain? I got your back! This posterior chain accessory program gives you a progressive 4 week program focused on strengthening and building endurance of your posterior chain. And not just your LOWER posterior chain, but your UPPER posterior chain as well because both are equally important! It includes banded exercises with an emphasis on stabilization as well as KB/DB/BB exercises with an emphasis on heavier loading and strengthening. 


This should NOT be mistaken for a complete fitness program. It is meant to simply supplement what you are already doing! It is surely not a comprehensive list of the hundreds of posterior chain strengthening exercises out there, but it gives you an effective and structured means of building your posterior chain strength. 


As stated, this 4 week, 4days/week program should be utilized as accessory work to your current exercise routine and is meant to take an additional 20-30 minutes a day. 

Posterior Chain Accessory Program

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