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Why Tabata?

Tabatas are a form of HIIT used by many athletes and fitness programs. They serve many benefits and are fairly easy to supplement with any exercise routine.

What is a Tabata?

To start, lets define what a Tabata workout actually is.

A Tabata workout is 4 minutes total.

It consists of:

8 rounds x:

20 second WORK intervals

followed by 10 second

REST intervals.

The movements associated with a Tabata are never ending. You can work on one movement the entire time. Make is a couplet or a triplet. Perform 8 different movements. Mix and match strength, cardio, mobility, etc. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity!

What are the Main Benefits of Tabata Workouts?

1) They are very short workouts that provide big results! Don't have 30-60 minutes to work out today? Well a HIIT Tabata can let you get your heart rate up and your sweat on in only 4 minutes.

2) They are extremely versatile. Tabatas can be used as solo workouts, warmups, supplemental accessory work, etc.

3) As explained above, Tabata workouts can focus on strength movements, cardiovascular exercises, mobility drills, skill work drills, or a mixture of all of the above. Get as creative as you want with them and mix in some of your weaknesses for highest benefit.

4) They promote high volume in a very short amount of time. Performing a movement at 100% for 20 seconds for 8 rounds can really allow you to get some reps in and work on your volume training.

5) The high intensity work intervals and short rest periods challenges and builds your anaerobic capacity, increases your metabolism, increases body's fat burning potential, builds strength, and builds endurance.


8 rounds of 20seconds on/10seconds off alternating between:


Goblet Squats with Kettlebell or Dumbbell

Written by: Marissa Oxenford, PT, DPT, CMFA-cert, CF-L1 Trainer, CPT

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