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EMOM: Every Minute On The Minute

There are so many different ways to add some creativity, variety, and fun to your workouts. One way you can do this is to implement an EMOM!


EMOM stands for "Every Minute On the Minute". It is another variation of exercise that has its own benefits and stimulus. When you perform an EMOM, like the name insists, you perform the movement/task at hand every minute. This could mean that you choose a rep scheme to complete every minute or you perform the task for a very specific amount of time (30-45 seconds for example). Once the prescribed rep scheme or duration is completed, you have the remaining time of that minute to rest until you perform the next prescribed exercise at the top of the next minute.


EMOMs can have a number of benefits and it all just depends on your intended stimulus and the movements/prescriptions you choose.

1) If you want to practice some skill work, then you can do this with an EMOM working through a lower number of high quality reps of progressions and drills for a specific movement. For example, an EMOM meant to improve your skill of handstand push ups could consist of a:

12 minute EMOM of:

MIN 1: 20 second handstand hold on the first minute

MIN 2: 3 handstand push up eccentrics on the second minute

MIN 3: 8 box pike push ups on the third minute.

You would then repeat that cycle 4 times until you complete the 12 minutes.

A skill work EMOM can also consist of just one movement such as a 10 minute EMOM of 30 double unders every minute.

2) EMOMs can be lower intensity if you are working more on skill and quality (like described above) or they can be very HIGH INTENSITY. A higher intensity EMOM could look like this:

10 minute EMOM of:

MIN 1: 45 second sprint on the rower

MIN 2: 15 handstand push ups

3) EMOMs can also be prescribed for the sole purpose of HIGH VOLUME or just getting in as many reps as possible. This type of EMOM may or may not even specify a rep number but instead encourage 100% sprint for max reps:

9 minute EMOM of:

MIN 1: max reps air squats

MIN 2: max reps push ups

MIN 3: 1 min rest and then repeat the cycle until 9 minutes is completed

4) If you want to work in a little more aerobic based work, you make perform longer duration EMOMs. These can also be a great source of an active recovery day. Try this longer, lower intensity EMOM on your next active recovery day:

30 minute EMOM of:

MIN 1: 6 cals on a bike

MIN 2: 8 Toes to Bar

MIN 3: 30 Double Unders

MIN 4: 10 Air Squats

MIN 5: 8 Burpees

5) EMOMs can be as creative as you want them to be! If you want to work through some mobility, then do an EMOM of just mobility drills. You will never run out of ideas when it comes to the EMOM.

Written by: Marissa Oxenford, PT, DPT, CMFA-cert, CF-L1 Trainer, CPT

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